Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Technical Notes

Technical Articles
Several articles on Guitar Making including a discussion about timber selection and string behaviour. There are also selected Player Tips giving information about choosing the right guitar and some ideas about basic maintenance any guitar owner can perform by themself. Most of these articles have been published in various music and guitar publications during the last 25 years.

NC Technology
Information about the Noyce 3-Axis NC Mini Machine Centre that we developed for Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM) especially for mass manufacturing of guitars (and other products).

If the guitar can be drawn on the computer the machine can build it.

An outline of the manufacturing process and design methodology used to build Noyce instruments.

Contains some examples of instrument manufacture that demonstrates our ability to tool for different jobs ranging from our designs to custom projects commissioned by third parties.