Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350


Manufacturing Processes
Most of our manufacturing is small batch production of five to twenty units.

Guitars are made somewhere between one and five at a time, depending on what they are, so Acoustics are built virtually one a time out of parts that have been machined in small batches whilst we may make ten or twenty electric bolt on necks at a time , then finish off and fret them in smaller lots as required.

The NC Machine we built in the late '80s is ideal for this small batch work and gives us the best of both worlds - the efficiency and accuracy of NC machining, with the pleasure and quality of one-off making.

The machine brings in other work for us such as processing fingerboards for other makers, building Lap Steel blanks for a wholesaler or making a one-off trophy (see image) and so on.

NC Built Bocce Trophy

This section shows the flexibility of our manufacturing processes using as examples a batch of Dolphin electrics, a batch of Lap Steels and a Custom Order for a customer in New Zealand.

Dolphin Batch Lap Steel Batch Custom Order

There are extensive pictures accompanied by a brief description of each of the activities.