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Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Dolphin Batch [1]

Construction Notes
Dolphins are usually built in a batch of five up to "off the machine" stage. The timber is selected out of stock, sawn and machined to produce the quarter sawn (vertical grain) neck plank pieces and wing stock and are glued up. Some neck and wings NC work is done, truss rod and carbon fibre bars installed, then they are assembled and glued. The rest of the NC work is then completed with the fingerboard blank being glued along the way.

The NC shaping of the top, waist cut, heel and neck have to be finished off by hand with rasps and sandpaper then lots more sandpaper and lots more other jobs.

In this batch, one had to be finished in eight weeks, three others over 3 or 4 months and the spare fifth one was ordered before I had finished.

1.Timber for necks. 2. Thicknessing neck stock.

3. Glueing plank necks. 4. Cutting wings.
5. Wing stock. 6. Plank necks and wings.
7. Planks with truss rod routs 8. Clamping necks and wings.
9. Glueing necks and wings. 10. Assembled body blanks.
11. NC carving tops. 12. NC carving tops backs.