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Custom Order

Construction Notes
I've had many interesting custom jobs over the years and this is one of the most recent. Lawrence emailed me from New Zealand a few times looking for a Steinberger style guitar designed to his outline and other particulars.

I saw your website...
I have some interest in a custom guitar. Do you do this?

The project would be a small semi acoustic body (probably a solid back routed in the style of a Gibson 336) to which a steinberger (bolt on) neck and hardware could be fitted.

I play much lower volumes these days (being an aging wannabe) and I'm seeking an instrument that is a little more "wild" at lower volumes than the current small solid maple body.

Is this of any interest, and if so, how do we progress???


btw I'm in New Zealand ...West Coast South Island


As you can see, he wanted a guitar with more response at softer levels of playing - a more acoustic or semi-acoustic feel and sound. Soon we chatted on the phone, more emails and we finally had the specifications organised. Lawrence prepared full drawings, posted them, and I used these to mark out the shape, some templates and other details. The wing pieces were hollowed out down to the blackwood caps. It is otherwise of a similar construction to a Dolphin, but headless with a Steinberger Trans-Trem® and EMG hardware.

1.Original drawing 2. Neck & wings ready to glue

3. Glueing neck & wings 4. Partly cutout shape
5. Fitting Steinberger bridge 6. Custom inlays
7. Back view 8. Front view
9. Under the cover plate 10. Lawrence and the finished job