Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

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I made my first guitar in my Dad's joinery in 1965.
In 1975 I commenced business custom building and repairing guitars. For a few years during the late 1980s Noyce Guitars built up to a staff of five producing production models and distributing through music shops as well as doing custom work, but eventually we went back to what I like best - building guitars to order for customers we get directly involved with!

Dave Newton, who has worked with me since the early '80s, does most of the NC machining and electronics work and the rest of the building is done by myself.

I've always been more interested in the future of the guitar than it's past. As a relatively new instrument the guitar is still developing. I've always sought to produce an all round "best of all possible worlds" sort of guitar. To me, this is a guitar with top end in the low strings and low end in the high strings - get this and you've got everything!

In other words, good balance of tone, dynamics and responsiveness across the whole range. All our models are built within this design "attitude". By developing familiararity with our customer and working within a particular model, there are many subtle variations available to truly personalise a guitar. Guitar making is a very personal passion for me and nothing is more satisfying than exceeding a customer's expectations.

Our Products
While we mostly make guitars, there are various other activities we pursue.

We have always maintained an Australia wide repair service as well as doing repairs on accordions, reed and woodwind instruments.

We also perform various other works such as machining parts for other guitar builders (eg. necks, bridges and tail-pieces), NC machine jobbing etc.

I like to correspond by and phone a little to get familiar with
each customer before finalising the details of an order. Whilst most
orders don't vary much from the standard specifications, this always helps in personalising the instrument. As a genera rule:

  • It usually takes a minimum of eight weeks to build a guitar, but twelve to sixteen weeks is less stressful and, occasionally, a little longer if we're a bit overbooked.
  • My starting point is to mail or email the customer a full description of the order and price, then get a deposit of (say) AUD$500 to get things started.
  • I typically would request one or two progress payments as work proceeds and a final settlement before shipping.

Doing guitar set-ups is the art of getting the best out of a guitar for a particular player. So a brief discussion with the player usually provides the information and feel to optimise that guitar for that player. Generally I like to set the action as low as possible all along the neck without buzzing for that player. This is a combination of truss-rod and action adjustment combined with fret dressing. Even brand new guitars can be improved considerably with a proper set-up that suits the player.

  • To arrange for setup work or instrument repairs it is best to us or telephone to discuss the job and shipping timing.
  • Shipping can be arranged using Registered Post or by the customer's preferred carrier.

Noyce guitars are warranted to the original owner for five (5) years against faulty materials and workmanship and if, within two weeks of receiving the instrument, the customer is not fully satisfied then a full refund (less shipping costs) will be given upon return of the instrument in original condition (in 30 years we've never been asked for a refund).