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Luthier's Work Bench

Over the years that we've been fixing and customising instruments we've encountered just about every problem you could imagine and a few that seriously beggar belief.

This section is devoted to showcasing some of the more interesting jobs we have done on various musical instruments.


Job of the month
-- Featured Job --

Restoring a neck broken at the 5th Fret
Here's a most unusual repair challenge. This Yamaha APX500 must have been jumped on (no one seems to know exactly what happened) as the neck was broken or sheared straight through around the fifth fret area. In 35 years I've repaired hundreds of broken headstocks but never a neck sheared straight through in the middle. [More...]

Featured Job Archives:

Job Description
Airline Disasters Transporting guitars is always hazardous and sometimes the worst does happen. Here is the story about the repairs to Dick Gaughan's precious Martin D28 as well as a 30's Gibson LGO that failed to survive the airline baggage handlers' delicate touch.
Gibson J50 This job involved repairing numerous splits in the top and back, broken and split struts, a badly bellied top and distorted bridge.
Broken Strat Neck This job highlights the importance of carefully packing and supporting the neck whenever shipping.

Typical Repairs
These images show some of the typical repairs that we perform.

Classic Guitar - Reglue bridge Stratocaster - Refret
Vega Banjo - New Headstock face Les Paul Gibson - head splice
Fender Precision Bass - Neck heat press Fretless Bass Conversion