Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Repair Services
Ian Noyce offers a comprehensive Australia wide repair service.
I've always loved repair work. Getting a guitar to it's full potential and matching it up with the owner is always satisfying.

Rebuilding and resurrecting old instruments is even better!

We've been receiving and shipping guitars Australia wide for over 25 years via Australia Post and have never had a problem.

You can ship an acoustic in a case and box half way across the country by registered post for around $15.00!

David Bromberg
David Bromberg & Noyce Acoustic
(Australian concert tour 1980) Zoom
Some of the professional musicians who have used our services include:

Eric Bogle
Charlie Boyter *
Alex Burns
Wayne Burt
Rick Brewster
David Briggs
David Bromberg (USA)
Jeff Burstin *
Duncan Cameron (USA)
Joe Camilleri
Greg Champion
Bruce Clark
Jim Conway
Stephen Cooney *
Joe Creighton
Pat Drummond
Dirk Dubois
Slim Dusty
Dave Dwyer *
Phil Emmanuel *
Mark Greig *
Gerry Hale
Pete Howell *
Fred Kuhnl
Carey Lewincamp *
David Lindley (USA)

Ian McNamara
Louis McManus *
Phil Manning *
Brent Miller *
Jim Moginie
Neil Murray
Hugh Paddle *
Steve Plater
John Power *
Shorty Ranger
James Roche
Geoff Rosenberg *
Skip Sail
Sam See
Broderick Smith *
Russell Smith (USA)
Michael Spiby *
Chris Stockley
Dutch Tilders *
Kerryn Tolhurst
Roman Tucker
Keith Urban
Colin Watson
Noel Watson *
Ross Wilson
Sebastion Yorgenson

* Musicians who have purchased one or more Noyce instruments.