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Repairs Pricelist

The following list is presented as a guide only and contains average prices for a cross-section of typical guitar repair jobs.

Please call for more specific information on your repair job.

Price $AU
Complete Set-up Adjust nut, dress, shape and polish frets, set truss rod, set action, intonation etc
Service Set-up For guitars previously well set-up

Nuts, Saddles, Machines, Bridges  
Price $AU
Bone Nut-6 String Make and fit
Bone Nut-12 String Make and fit
Compensated Bone Saddle-6 String Make, fit and set action
Compensated Bone Saddle-12 String Make, fit and set action
Fit New Machines  
Acoustic Guitar Bridge Inlay Includes new saddle
Remove and Re-glue Bridge  

Price $AU
Refret No bindings, no laquer, inc new nut and all set-up work
Refret With fingerboard refinish (Maple)
Refret With bound fingerboard

Price $AU
Reshape and Refinish Neck  
Strip Guitar for Refinishing
Sand and Refinish Guitar No sealer, no tint
Extra for Sealing Required for open grained woods
Extra for Tinting and Sunbursts  
Extra for Bindings  
Full Refinish Bolt-on body only
Full Refinish Whole guitar

Price $AU
Install New Pickups  
Make Templated Pickup Rout  
Splice New Headstock Includes all finish and touch-up work
Convert Fretted Bass to Fretless  
Convert Acoustic to Left Handed Includes new nut and saddle
** Starting price only - will depend on job and type of finish required

Please note that all prices are in Australian Dollars ($AU) including GST
All prices current as at December 2016