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Broken Strat Neck
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This guitar was shipped from Queensland to Victoria in a poorly fitting case with inadequate neck support so the neck broke at the body end partly due to insufficient wood between the neck and the front pickup cavity.

The Stratocaster
This job highlights the importance of carefully packing and supporting the neck whenever shipping. Most guitars are suppied with a form fitting case but sometimes an instrument is purchased without a case. If you must substitute a case with a different form (or if you have a loose fitting case) it is essential that the instrument is supported in places where it can bounce or suffer shock from dropping - for information on packing guitars for freighting if you have any questions.

The trick was to glue and clamp it with a straight beam of wood and fit appropriate shims to the fingerboard to maintain the correct neck angle. A small paint touch up job finished it off.

1. The damage showing cavity shear. 2. View of shims in the neck break.
3. Glueing and clamping the split.