Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Instrument Range

Building Guitars
I started out building acoustic guitars in the mid sixties and, by the time I started business in the mid seventies, I'd come to realise that many of the players I found interesting also played electric guitar.

I soon came to believe that all guitars are "acoustic" - solid body electrics just aren't so loud!

A guitar string vibrates according to what it's attached to. Make a concrete guitar and it'll sound like a concrete guitar! Pickups simply amplify what the strings are doing, according to what they're attached to.

These days we mostly make acoustics and our neck-through body (plank neck) guitars, but I've included our bolt-on-neck models also. We made lots of these in the "selling to the shops" days and still take orders for them.

Serious Players Use Noyce Guitars
Here's a short list of professional musicians who have purchased Noyce
Guitars over the years. Selling guitars to "name" pro players has never
been easy because:

  1. They don't make anywhere near the money people assume they do!
  2. As their name looms larger, there are lots of manufacturers queuing up to give them free guitars

Some of these names are well known in their own right and some are "sidemen" - the unsung heroes of the business.

Glen Barwick
Charlie Boyter
Rick Brewster
Dave Bridge
Jeff Burstin
Steven Cooney
Dave Dwyer
Phil Emmanuel
Daniel Guille
Craig Harnath
Jimi Hocking
Shane Howard
Pete Howell
Phil Manning
Louis McManus
Brent Miller
Hugh Paddle
John Power
Geof Rosenburg
Ian Simpson
Dave Skeet
Broderick Smith
Michael Spiby
Red Symons
Dutch Tilders
Roman Tucker
Samuel Vincent
Rob Walker
Noel Watson