Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Semi Acoustic Double Bass

The Noyce & Howell Semi-Acoustic Double Bass

The Noyce & Howell Semi-Acoustic Double Bass, we believe, sits beautifully between the acoustic double bass and the electric double bass.

The Noyce & Howell Semi-Acoustic Double Bass is based upon having full respect for the string and the way in which it should behave. We gave our bass enough of a body to aid the string in producing the feel and sound of a beautiful, resonant old acoustic double bass. The pickup does the rest.

Technical Specifications
Scale length:
 Available in:
  3/4 (1060mm/41.7")
  4/4 (1100mm/43.3")
- Length - 1100mm
- Shoulders - 315mm
- Waist - 260mm
- Hips - 370mm
- Depth - 95m
Western Red Cedar

Back, Sides & Neck: Australian Blackwood

Fingerboard: Ebony
Three piece quarter sawn figured Blackwood Neck with dual carbon fibre rigidity bars
2mm. M.O.P. side dots
Rubner individual Tuners
Blackwood Bridge and Tailpiece with quick release latch
Weight: 7.5 - 8Kg
Pickup - The Realist
- Flight Case
- Padded Gig Bag
- Heavy duty stand

Heavy Duty Double Bass Stand AUD$220.00



Release Latch Assembly

The Noyce & Howell Semi-Acoustic Double Bass is collapsible for travel purposes.

There is no need to remove the strings when dismantling the bass, as it is the tailpiece that is removed with the strings attached (see Latch Assembly, pictured left). The neck is screw/bolted on and fits snugly into its own socket.

A remarkable feature of the Noyce & Howell Semi-Acoustic Double Bass is that it can be played as an acoustic double bass by a simple blend of the natural acoustic sound with the low frequencies from a bass amplifier. Ideal for the touring bassplayer who has a gig or a session where an acoustic double bass is called for.

Some Video Links of the Noyce Howell in action...