Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350

Semi Acoustic Double Bass

Unsolicited Praise

Musicians and audiences have been overwhelmingly encouraging with their praise of this instrument.

Compliments, ranging from the sound being rich and woody just like an old bass, through to the look of the instrument as being truly beautiful, are given to Pete Howell at every gig they have done together.

When the bass is introduced as being locally designed and built by Pete Howell and Ian Noyce, standing ovations for the instrument happen often.

Some Words From Ian

I met Pete Howell at a gig in 1974. His absolute commitment to the Bass and the gig emanated from him and we became immediate life long friends. We've had many ups and downs since and we will always work our our way through them. We are both prone to being oversensitive, intense, opinionated, passionate etc. and we are good for each other.

I built one of my first N5 Electric basses for him in the late seventies and in short he has had a profound effect on my understanding of music, musicians and instrument making.



Padded Gig Bag

A couple of years ago he visited and proposed we develop an acoustic/electric full scale double bass that is practical to travel with that did not compromise the sound quality of the instrument. Having learnt from hard experience the cost of developing new things, I played it cool, if not hard to get! Pete's determination prevailed and I committed!

The challenge was to build a Bass body that offered the appropriate impedance/resiliance to the strings so that they would behave and feel like they do on a full size acoustic double bass. The volume was not important- it was to be amplified, after all!

The result was gratifying! A Bass that could be destrung and "de-necked" in minutes for travelling and sounded and played like the real thing!

This instrument sounds and feels like a double bass, works great with the bow, has no soundhole or sound post, doesn't have feed back problems and looks like a Bass!

Ian Noyce
Dec 2004

Some Words From Pete

Noycey and I met in 1974. Within an hour I had reason to deem him a man of absolute honour and integrity. Our friendship has stood the test of time. I own two electric basses made by Noycey. He made the first one for me in 1978 and I love it dearly.
Sometime in 2002 I thought that I would like to design and build, with Noycey, a semi-acoustic double bass that would fulfil my needs.

I wanted a 44'' (1118mm.) scale length, the same as that of the beautiful old German bass I have played all my musical life. I wanted the body built in such a way so as to encourage the strings to behave similar to their behaviour on an acoustic double bass. I wanted a removable neck for ease of transport with a quick release device for the strings without having to remove them from the instrument

Most important of all I wanted this bass to have the sound of a rich, resonant old double bass when amplified. Noycey was the only person I wished to collaborate with on this project. My reasons were simply that I consider him Australia’s finest luthier with great knowledge of mathematics, physics and woods. A great friend who knows my musical history and the sound I require from a bass.

I presented my thoughts to Noycey, and after a bit of arm twisting, he embraced the proposition. In December 2002 we began designing and building this beautiful bass. By March 2004 we had built this beautiful instrument, which worked without a problem immediately it was strung up. No tweaking was necessary!

Thanks beyond heaps Noycey. Our bass has surpassed my expectations: a joy to play both pizzicato and arco.

Pete Howell
Nov 2005