Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350


Eagle MKVI Type 2
Originally developed in 1984 as an alternative S-type guitar, the Eagle has gone through numerous design changes to reach it's current state of exellence, offering a range of hardware options within one well developed model.

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Technical Specifications
640mm.(25.2"), 22 frets.
Rosewood (Ebony, Maple or Blackwood optional).
Finger board Curvature:
With Floyd Rose system; Variable, 350- 425mm. radius. With bone nut;
Variable,225mm - 300mm. radius.
DiMarzio Wide, Nickel Silver, 2.6mm. wide.
Fingerboard & side dots:
Mother of pearl.
Fingerboard Nut:
Bone or Floyd Rose system.
Compound curve, 5mm. dia. semi bright steel, Hex Brass nut with 3mm Allen key wrench or 8mm./5/16" socket wrench adjusted at body end.
Neck Specs:
5 Piece Maple/Blackwood laminate with 60-90 degree grain angle to fingerboard for optimum stiffness/stability.

Width at Nut: 43mm
Depth at nut: 21mm.
Width at 12th. fret: 54mm.
Depth at 12th. fret: 24mm.
Brazilian Mahogany or Poplar with Figured Blackwood cap.
Finish materials:
Catalysed Polyurethane Varnish.
Gotoh, small knobs.
Gotoh #GE1996TC (Floyd Rose licensed) trem or Wilkinson VS100GC.
EMG SA/SA/85 with five way selector and rear recessed jack socket.
EMG SPC or EXG add $AUD125
Strap Pins:
Noyce double strap pins on butt of body.
D'Addario XL110 (.010"-.046")

Ian Noyce on the Eagle.
The Body of our new MkVI EAGLE is the result of many years building guitars in small production runs as well as custom order jobs and repairing/modifying other makes.

Having made many Dolphins and Sharks (neck-thru-body) guitars over the years, we decided in 1984 that neck-thru-body instruments were generally best suited for solid bridge guitars and basses and screw-neck, double cutaway bodies were best suited to tremelo bridge guitars.

On the Type 2 (rear control cavity) Eagle, we've slightly reduced the size of the traditional double cutaway body, "sharpened it up" a bit and combined it with the sculpted cutaway / neck-body areas of our Dolphins.

The result is an extremely comfortable guitar that hangs the way you want it (we use two strap-pins at the base of the guitar 100mm apart, providing three different hanging positions, using one, the other or both strap-pins. Leaning your guitar against the wall or your amp is much safer with two pins too!)

Combined with the shape and carving of the body, we've done numerous experiments with pickup, control cavity and jack socket rout placement to get the optimum acoustic qualities out of the guitar. This behaviour is reflected in the strings and that's where EMG pickups come into it.