Noyce Guitars
Mount Clear
Ballarat, Victoria
Australia, 3350


The Dolphin evolved over fifteen years out of my first solid body electric design, the neck through body N5. The Dolphin replaced the N5 in 1980 and was originally a flat top guitar with a carved waist and armrest. The advent of our NC machine in 1989 allowed me to design and develop the current carved top with recessed brige Dolphin.

The plank is a five piece Blackwood laminate and the wings are Poplar with figured Blackwood caps on top.

This layout has resulted in a perfectly balanced (statically and dynamically) snug fitting guitar with very fast response, full bodied tone from top to bottom with excellent sustain.

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Technical Specifications
640mm scale 24 fret ebony or wandoo fingerboard.
4 mm MOP Dot Inlay standard.
Custom inlays - P.O.A.
EMG 81 or 85 pickups standard.
Add $75.00 for EMG 89 dual mode.
Add $125.00 each for SPC and EXG active EQ
Other pickups - P.O.A.
Gotoh machines.
Schaller 456 fixed bridge with fine tuners.
Custom hardware options available.
Finger board Curvature:
Variable,225mm - 300mm. radius.
Neck Specs:
5 Piece Blackwood laminate with 60-90 degree grain angle to fingerboard for optimum stiffness/stability.

Width at Nut: 43mm
Depth at nut: 21mm.
Width at 12th. fret: 54mm.
Depth at 12th. fret: 24mm.

Dual 3mm x 9.5mm carbon fibre rigidity bars either side of truss rod.
Compound curve, 5mm. dia. semi bright steel, Hex Brass nut with 3mm Allen key wrench or 8mm./5/16" socket wrench adjusted at body end.
Weight: approx 3.3 Kg. (7.3 Lb.)