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The Deco

The Deco
Here's an interesting addition to our range. In 2007 a good mate of mine, Don Newman, approached me with the idea of recreating the retro style of the classic Italian "Eko" solid body that was popular during the '60s. This instrument was built as a custom order with Don enthusiastically contributing to the guitar's overall design, finish, and choice of hardware as well as some hands-on work building the guitar.

I'll let my old mate Don tell the story:

"There are two things you shouldn’t do: never marry the first girl you fall in love with and never sell your first guitar.  In 1965 I bought an Eko guitar for 60 Pounds ($120) from a music shop in Mildura. It was the most outlandish instrument in town. It had 4 double pole pickups, a wang bar that didn’t seem to do too much damage to the tuning (not that that mattered in those days), black enamel back and an enormous headstock. Most importantly, it had eight switches across the top which gave a ridiculous array of pickup combinations; they looked good, but what a waste of space.  To set it all off, the front was covered in white "mother of snail" topped off with an orange pickguard that took up half the available real estate. I loved it. In 1975, I sold it. What a mistake."

"Many years later, when nostalgia occupied more of my brain than common sense, I tried to track it down. Pawn shops, eBay and the internet. No luck. I did, however, know a guitar maker; Ian Noyce (I've owned a Noyce N2 acoustic and an Eagle for some years). He and I were in the same band together in the mid sixties and we still do the odd gig in a five piece band called Jack and the Flashbacks and four of us were in that sixties band. Noycey and I decided to build an Eko body shaped guitar based on the Noyce Eagle design with me doing whatever work on it I could."

1960's EKOOriginal 60's Eko

"What a sensational instrument it has turned out to be!  The body is bookmatched Australian Blackwood on Poplar and the neck is laminated Blackwood with an Ebony fret board.  With deference to the old Eko, the back of the body is painted black, and that’s about where the resemblance stops.  The Eko body shape has been tweaked, the pick-up arrangement is two EMG 89 dual mode humbuckers and the Eagle headstock balances the look nicely. We decided that we would make a feature of the blackwood to highlight the beautiful flame in the grain and within a very short time, the old Eko turned into the new Deco.  To continue the deco theme, a deco style motif has been inlaid behind the  Wilkinson Trem bridge to reflect the mother of pearl inlays on the fingerboard."

"And the sound? Through my Fender Deluxe reverb, the Noyce built Deco is crystal clear - tops, midrange and bass. It’s fabulous.  I’ll never sell it.  Never."

Don Newman
Dec 2007

Deco front
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Technical Specifications
640mm.(25.2"), 22 frets.
Rosewood (Ebony, Maple or Blackwood optional).
Finger board Curvature:
With Floyd Rose system; Variable, 350- 425mm. radius. With bone nut;
Variable,225mm - 300mm. radius.
DiMarzio Wide, Nickel Silver, 2.6mm. wide.
Fingerboard & side dots:
Mother of pearl.
Fingerboard Nut:
Bone or Floyd Rose system.
Compound curve, 5mm. dia. semi bright steel, Hex Brass nut with 3mm Allen key wrench or 8mm./5/16" socket wrench adjusted at body end.
Neck Specs:
5 Piece Blackwood laminate with 60-90 degree grain angle to fingerboard for optimum stiffness/stability.

Width at Nut: 43mm
Depth at nut: 21mm.
Width at 12th. fret: 54mm.
Depth at 12th. fret: 24mm.
Brazilian Mahogany or Poplar with Figured Blackwood cap.
Finish materials:
Catalysed Polyurethane Varnish.
Gotoh, small knobs.
Gotoh #GE1996TC (Floyd Rose licensed) trem or Wilkinson VS100GC.
EMG SA/SA/85 with five way selector and rear recessed jack socket.
EMG SPC or EXG add $AUD125
D'Addario XL110 (.010"-.046")
Deco Photos: ©Andrew Kopp 2008