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A few unsolicited testimonials from musicians who've purchased Noyce products over the years and are very satisfied. All of these are unabridged* e-mails that came off of our web site.

(*Although we have removed the last names to ensure that their instruments aren't put at risk by publishing this information)

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Hi Ian,
I was just looking at your website and thought you might like to look
at a couple of pics of one of your old guitars. I believe it to be a '78 Dolphin.

I have owned the guitar since 1993 where I bought it from Crossroads Guitars, Ballarat. It was love at first site! The great combination of timbers and I just adore the shape, it's uniqueness gets comments wherever it goes and the neck feels/plays beautiful.

Since the photo pictured aside the Vox I have made a few modifications to try and taylor the guitar to my sound. (your'e probably wincing right now!) This included replacing the bridge and also the EMG's which I found a little too aggressive.

I now have Seymour Duncans, a SH-4 JB Humbucker in the Bridge and a SH-1 '59 in the neck position. This guitar really defines my sound.

N5 & Boogie

Out of interest could you let me know of any info you have on the model. ie specs, how many were made, what they retailed for new and what you think it would be worth now. (it's priceless to me!)... even just your thoughts on the model. I look forward to your reply

David C.
Tue, 8 Feb 2005

(Editor's Note: This guitar is actually a 1978 N5 series originally fitted with two dual sound EMG pickups which David has since replaced with SDs. Looks nice with the Boogie, doesn't it!)

Gidday Mate
I just thought I'd browse the web and I ended up finding you. Just wanted to say HI and wish you a very happy 2005 for you and you family. I've still got my two beautiful "Noyces" the bass and the 6 string electric, I'm looking forward to recording soon so the instruments will be an integral part of the sound.
All the best Ian

Rob G.
Sun, 9 Jan 2005

I thought that I would send you a quick letter of appreciation. Whilst I was overseas I bought what I think is an early(ish) Noyce Strat from a nice man who lived in or around Nowra. I looks to have a mahogany body, brown, and a composite neck with a rosewood fingerboard. I was interested in the guitar because it was very similar to one I think that I remember Phil Emmanuel playing in the late 70's and early 80's. Anyway, what I was writing to say was how much I enjoy playing it.

David B.
Sun, 12 Sep 2004

Hello Ian
In December 1979 I had the pleasure of receiving my beautiful Noyce bass guitar, I think the model was N5. It had the old EMG's which in the early nineties I got you to change over to the later type EMG's with new circuitry.

That bass has played hundreds of gigs over the years and is now in the hands of my son Mitch. It's still in really good condition and has in recent years been mothballed. Well, this past weekend its been back in the band. My son rang me this morning and said "shit Dad the old Noyce is really pumping". He normally plays a Yamaha TRB6. He said he never really appreciated playing it, but one of his mates cleaned it up and did a set-up on it and it's back! That prompted me to look you up again after all these years just to say hello and let you know that my old Noyce is still rockin' at 25 years old.
All the best for the future

Peter C.
Tue, 31 Aug 2004

G'day Ian,
I am just writing to say how much I enjoyed your web site.It is one of the most informative I have visited.I have had the pleasure of owning one of your guitars,"an Eagle" and it was a beautiful instrument.

Sadly these days work and other commitments keep me from playing as much as I would like. Anyway I just thought I'd write to say keep up the good work and thanks for your web site.

Terry S.
Mon, 12 Apr 2004

hi ian,
hows things? its mighty cold here in athens but i'm managing to occupy myself with lots of guitar playing!

the eagle is amazing, simply amazing, i have only one tiny problem: i believe the 20th fret is a touch too high, when i play a note on the 19th fret i get a substantial amount of fret buzz, it dosent happen on the 18th or 20th frets, and when i bend a note on the 19th fret it chokes.

I'll show you exactly what i mean when i come down for that service. looking forward to your diagnosis,

Mon, 15 Dec 2003

Hi Ian,
I just wanted to say how much I love my eagle mark 6 that my wife bought me as a birthday present in 1992. I was just wondering if you could tell me a little bit about it if you have the time. It is an Eagle mk6, blue in colour with serial No.
901108 and it was bought from Turramurra Music in 1992 or maybe 1991.

I was just wondering how many were made, what its made of etc. Its a beautiful guitar to play, even now with its dings and scatches I still use it on stage in an Australian Angels tribute show. I may even get you to give a service and a re finish in the future as it is worth keeping in good condition.

Its funny how most people I have met have never heard of a Noyce guitar, some people even scoff because its not a "gibson" or "fender" etc, but every person who I have let play it is truly impressed with both the feel and the sound. I had the choice back in the early 90's of a big brand name guitar or a Noyce. I remember sitting in the shop with my very patient wife while I tried all the big brand name guitars, not being able to make up my mind what I wanted for my birthday. As soon as I tried the Noyce I was hooked.

You should be very proud of your product. I have always stood up for it and praised it and I am proud to own an Australian guitar built by an Australian.

Tony P.
Tue, 18 Nov 2003