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A few unsolicited testimonials from musicians who've purchased Noyce products over the years and are very satisfied. All of these are unabridged* e-mails that came off of our web site.

(*Although we have removed the last names to ensure that their instruments aren't put at risk by publishing this information)

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G day Ian
Well the guitar is a beautiful piece of Art , I’m rapt with the whole thing sounds beautiful, the finish is sensational. I took a bit of a punt with the whole thing living so far away, but having the guitar for the next how many years  I’m so happy I did. Once again Ian thanks heaps for your efforts in making such a beautiful instrument and if I’m over near noycelands one day I’ll thank you in person.


Michael (Happy Boy)
Perth W.A.
Oct 15th, 2007

(Editor's note: Michael is referring to his brand new Blackwood N2 Acoustic)

G’day Noycey,
Well, all I can say is she is freaking SPECTACULAR!! It sounds so nice through my rig, the best and simplest way to put it would be “the stuff dreams are made of”. It has surpassed my expectations by a long shot, no mean feat when you consider the 5 was the bench mark.

Wish I was at home today rather than stuck at work… seem to be spending a lot of time opening up the folder with all the photos in it rather than being productive!

Cheers mate,

Dan G.
Oct, 2007

Dolphin Bass 6 string

Hi Ian,
I never got the chance to thankyou over all these years for building such beautiful guitars. I bought my first Noyce electric (Eagle) from Chris Rogers in Mildura when I was around 9 years old and remember briefly a Guitar Clinique that you once held in Mildura a long time ago. I recently emailed Dave Ulbrick (Ulbrick Amps) a snippet of some “jam time” I had in my home Studio with Steven Scott on BASS & Michelle Vincent (Little Sis) on DRUMS, playing through my Stadium 120 with the Noyce and thought it would be nice to email you a copy as well!  

Samuel playing his Noyce Eagle - jamming with Steven & Michelle

Again I just wanted to say hi and touch base with you, I love your guitars, I dig the website & and hopefully we can have a beer together sometime!


Samuel Vincent,
May, 2007

Samuel and his Eagle
You can hear more of Samuel Vincent at

Hi Ian,
I feel extremely fortunate to of visited your website late 06'. I am now a proud owner of one your Semi-acoustic Double basses designed by yourself and Mr Peter Howell. The Doublebass is an absolute work of art and easy to transport. Even though I'm a relative newcomber to the Doublebass it certainly sounds great acoustically or amplified. Thankyou for keeping in steady contact by corresponding and sending photo's throughout the building process. This is an instrument I will certainly treasure forever.

Many Thanks,  

Rory M.
Perth, W.A.
Sun, 20th May 2007

G’day Noycey,
Hows things mate? Hope you are keeping well and that you’re not too flat out working, enough to keep you out of mischief though of course! Saw the testimonials on the website and thought I would write one up for you, no worries if you don’t want to use it cobber.  

I got my Noyce Dolphin 5 fretless back in 2000/2001 and it is still by far the finest bass I’ve ever layed my hands on. I am able to get a beautiful array of sounds from her, everything from sweet, mellow rounded tones to more aggressive, biting bridge style sounds (currently where my tastes seem to lie). You name it, this bass does it, and with so much style. Absolute bloody class act.

The timber in the neck and body is superb, I’ve never seen Australian Blackwood with such beautiful figuring before, the carving on the top is the icing on the cake.


Easily the nicest bass I have played, let alone owned, which is why I am saving my pennies for a 5 string fretted – what a pair they’ll make! Thanks for your beautiful work Ian, it’s an absolute pleasure to own and play one of your works of art, I’m always proud as punch to hit the stage with her.

Take care,

Dan G.
Mon, 13 Nov 2006

Hi Ian,
I've sent a disk to my Dad - Tony which he'll pass on to you, it's 5 tunes I recorded over the last two months.... even though it's still a long way off perfect, it's kind of a fair representation of what you can do with an old Pentium II computer, a 90 dollar DI box, a 129 dollar FX pedal and a beautiful axe like the Dolphin. (plus some imagination)

I was thinking you might be at the end of another cycle of production again this year, so this could be a moral boost for you.  

I looked at your site with the new information and the "happy customer" testimonies; if you want to use any of my stuff feel free, although I won't be offended if it doesn't make the grade, I'm not under any delusions.  

Just so you don't loose any sleep wondering what I did, this attachment is probably the best sounding guitar parts I have achieved with the DI box (which has the best technical stats of my inputs)  

other technical stuff;
* Dolphin guitar+ mastertone active p/u
* Behringer Mic 100 tube pre-amp
* guillemot soundcard 16 bit / 44.1kHz recording
* Magix midi studio sequences and sampler instruments for Piano/Bass/Drums
* Magix audio studio software to track and mix
* Guitar tracks processed with Ian Ferguson's 'G-amp Classic' free VST amp simulation  

Hope Hamish the doggy and all are well chez vous a Noycelands  

Hamish in Strasbourg
Wed, 23 Nov 2005

Listen to Hamish (MP3 format, 227KB) -> Listen
Kiora Ian,
After reading the testimonials from other happy Noyce owners, I felt compelled to write about mine.

I bought Dolphin Bass No.86248 from you about 20 years ago. We were touring around OZ at the time, living in an old Falcon wagon and after hearing about Noyce guitars, decided to drop in at Ballarat. My bass was hanging on your wall. Well, I finally lugged that bass back to New Zealand and I've been lugging it around ever since.

I appreciate it's sound, which I reckon has stood up to the test of time and has seen a lot of bass fads come and go. Get the strings right (gotta be DM's) and it sings.
Dolphin Bass

It's also great to have an instrument that's a bit different from the rest. I don't know how many others are like it over here but it can't be too many? This ones an even rarer bird due to the black "fancy grain" running through the back. In the 20 years, apart from cleaning up the ends of the frets a couple of times due to slight fingerboard recession, it's never missed a beat.

I'll let you know how the bass is going in another 20 years...

Kevin W.
New Zealand

Thu, 17 Nov 2005

(Editor's Note: By the way, "Kiora" means "gidday" in Kiwi)

G'day Mate!!
ok...first gig. Guitar responded beautifully. very even response, no obvious hotspots, but definately showing an acoustic "feedback". Nice long sustain and an even drift to 2nd harmonic. The neck now feels "right"... the overall tome is very warm and woody!!!

I actually haven't played any of my other instruments since I got my cast off.

Thanks again for a beautiful "one off". Its proving to be everything I hoped for.

Lawrence A.
New Zealand
Tue, 19 Jul 2005

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