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A few unsolicited testimonials from musicians who've purchased Noyce products over the years and are very satisfied. All of these are unabridged* e-mails that came off of our web site.

(*Although we have removed the last names to ensure that their instruments aren't put at risk by publishing this information)

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Hey Ian,
Thanks again for getting this mandolin together for me, I pretty much haven't put it down yet. You'll be happy to know that although it does have a different character to my Gibson A1 and my Gilchrist... it easily sounds as good!

I love the organic vibe of it... and it is loud. I'm seriously wondering what it is gonna sound like in a couple of months...amazing!

You are a legend Noycey.

Jimi Hocking
(Sep 2011)

Jimi Hocking plays a Noyce Mandolin

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the sculpture ! what more can I say.

But even better than that show was to receive my beautiful dolphin. It is breathtakingly beautiful -the grain of the wood and the colour and then you turn it over.... more wonder.  I knew it was going to be amazing but Rog and I just sit and look at it. I didn't really remember how sublime the shaping was at the top.....................and to top it off it sounds great (will of course sound greater when I play better) and it feels so balanced and comfortable to play. The low notes are wonderful. Seems to have the best of both worlds, the resonance of an upright bass but is electric.  We have it sitting out as a piece next to Roger's Gibson 335. I don't really want to put it back in it's case...thanks for the case also.   Send you any some photos'  

You are an amazing guitar maker, congratulations and thank-you.


June 2009

   (by Rob Gaston)

It just sounds so good. I played guitars in almost every guitar shop in Melbourne searching for an instrument worthy of my hard earned dollars. I started with known brands and although I liked the Gibson sound I had to keep looking. I played some very expensive boutique brands but couldn’t justify the cost.

I had been doing gigs with Peter Howell (double bass player) and I knew he was a good friend of Noyceys so I got the introduction and headed off to Ballarat.

After many fun spent hours playing the mahogany the blackwood and the rosewood, the mahogany the blackwood and the rosewood, the mahogany the blackwood and the rosewood anyway I think you get the idea. I then took a well earned break and went out for coffee (with my mate Eric) and some space between my ears. I felt good about the whole experience that day from the hospitality and the patience demonstrated by Noycey that I was certain I wanted a Noyce guitar.

Back to Noycelands for the final decision, I liked the sound of the rosewood from the first strum that day, full body sound with good bottom end and the silkiest of tops and that’s where I stopped. "I'll have the rosewood please Mr. Noyce" and the deal was done.

I have had the pleasure of watching my guitar grow from hand selected wood and steel into a priceless musical instrument made with me in mind. I don’t know what it is other than experienced craftsmanship and personalised attention but I can’t find another guitar that comes close to my Noyce. 


January 2009  

Hello Ian,
The Eagle has landed.  (groan... :-)
My experience is limited and fairly mainstream: mostly Gibson and Fender, more lately PRS and Ibanez.  A few others along the way.

This one “fits”.  Something about the weight, shaping, balance feels more comfortable than the others I’ve played.  It doesn’t fight with your body, if you know what I mean.
Unplugged its slightly warmer and “sparkly” than I’m used to.  Some of this is the strings, no doubt, but the woods seem to play a part.  It’s like the difference between a full ribbon speaker and a compression driver (the Eagle being the ribbon speaker).  Hard to describe.  I’m liking it.
I’ve made a few unexpected sounds so far and I reckon there’s a lot more to be discovered from the PU’s.  They’re clean and quiet and revealing.
This is definitely the best axe I’ve wielded.  While it forces me to pick up my technique, it also begs to be played and gives back more than I put into it.  I give the battery about 2 weeks J
Many thanks, best regards, happy holidays,

Dec 20th, 2008