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Fred Lakerink and N3 Acoustic Zoom

This 1978 Rosewood Noyce N3 belongs to Bernard (Fred) Lakerink. Fred is a long time customer and friend who was instrumental in the design,documentation and commissioning of our NC machine. The N3 Body is 512mm L x 415mm W. This one was built for Bluegrass music with thin deep scalloped top struts. Loud and bright and full.

Zoom Nick Waters

Nick Waters with a piece of his Blackwood and an almost completed Dolphin made from it. Nick is an actor (and builder) and has worked in countless Australian stage, TV and movie productions - he played Kylie's dad in "Neighbours". Some years ago he tried his hand at fine timber milling in Briagalon, Gippsland and did a fine job of quarter sawing a grand old Blackwood tree. I traded him a Dolphin made out of it for much of the best timber the tree yielded and we became life long friends.

Bob Spencer and Ian Noyce Zoom

This shot was taken at the Melbourne Guitar Show held in April 2006. Former Skyhooks and Angels guitarist Bob Spencer and I did a fun seminar in which we discussed the characteristics of different timbers, guitar designs and general setup. I took along an old N5 series guitar I built in 1978 to explain how this original plank design led to other current models like the Shark and Dolphin.

Zoom Kevin Zibell and his Noyce Howell

I recently completed this left hander for my old mate Kev Zibell, who I played Sax with in my first band (The Avengers) around 1963 and in a number of bands since (The Loose Scratch String Band, Social Error, The Loose Tappets, Electric Fence and Jack and the Flashbacks). Kev has used a Noyce N5 Electric fretless since 1975 and it's been a real thrill for us both doing this latest project.

Noyce Guitars at Port Fairy Festival 2006 Zoom

It was a ripper half hour set with Stephen Pigram and Shane Howard playing my N2 acoustics, Alan Pigram on one of my reso's and mandolin, Peter Pigram on a new Dolphin 5 string fretless bass, Phillip and Gavin Pigram on Mark Aspland's wonderful box drums, David Pigram doing vocal stuff, and me on Hohner Marine band harmonicas (rebuilt by Neil Graham from Tilba Tilba NSW). It all ended too quickly and was wonderfully received - 100% Australian made.

Zoom Noyce owners at Ian's 60th

I recently celebrated my 60th. birthday at the local Italian Club Hall. Still having difficulty accepting the number!  It was a great party with three bands (the last one organised on the night) performing and a roll call of some 40 out of 120 guests for this photo opportunity of Noyce instruments owners (or parents thereof) with some interesting anecdotal stories as I introduced them and how they came to acquire their instruments.

Dan Guille with his new Dolphin 6 String Bass Zoom

Dan Guille already owned a Dolphin 5 string fretless bass and had been contemplating getting a fretted 5 string. But he eventually decided that he would be better served by adding another string to the order and the result was this 6 string bass. He is pictured giving it it's very first taste of what lies in store. And very bloody nice it sounded too.

Zoom Samuel Vincent with Eagle & Ulbrick Amp

Samuel Vincent is an up and coming young player based in Sydney. Originally from my old home town of Mildura, Samuel got his first Noyce when he was only nine and is now using that instrument to front his band Kings Queens & Fairytales. This is a band publicity shot he sent me showing him with his Eagle and Ulbrick head.

Ian Simpson and his Noyce Hawk Zoom

Here's Ian Simpson who is best known for his work with for The Flying Emu's, Slim Dusty, The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons and many more, with his 1986 Hawk. If you click here you can watch him performing in a video clip with The Flying Emus back in 1987.