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Australia, 3350

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Greg Smallman Zoom

Greg Smallman of Smallman Guitars is another luthier that I greatly respect. And a hell'uva nice bloke to boot. Coffee and cultural exchange!

Zoom Skip Sail

Skip Sail is a wonderful blues performer who has worked with many artists including Bob Brozman. Me and Skip with his 1936 Hudson Terraplane and Greg Beeton Cone equipped 1938 National Steel. I'm the one with the 2004 Neil Graham Pro-Deluxe Marine Band Harp with Mpingo comb.

Scott Wise Zoom

Scott Wise is another acclaimed luthier from Western Australia and is also the harp player for the 10 Cent Shooters and the Wise Family band.

Zoom Phil Manning and Mahogany N2

Phil Manning needs no introduction to Australian blues aficionados. Phil is an inductee into the Australian Music Hall of Fame along with his acclaimed band Chain. Seen here playing a Noyce Mahogany acoustic.

Phil and Mack Manning Zoom

Here's a shot of Phil and his son McKinley (named after McKinley Morganfield, aka Muddy Waters). Young Mack is also an up and coming player and is building his self designed guitar with some help from Phil and me.

Zoom Dutch Tilders

Dutch Tilders is synonymous with Australian blues. Dutch was one of the first commissions I ever got and was significant in raising the profile of Noyce instruments in the very early days.

Geoff Rosenberg & Dolphin Bass Zoom

An original member of Stockley, See & Mason and the Eurogliders, Geoff has been living and freelancing in Sydney since the mid 1980's. He has toured and/or recorded with James Blundell, Nathan Cavalieri, The Mighty Reapers, George Washingmachine, Diana Anaid and countless others. Visit him at

Zoom Lawrence Arp

Lawrence is a Kiwi who found us on the web. He commissioned me to build a Steinberger style semi-acoustic plank neck guitar - if you want to know more, here is some information about this custom project